IBM Compliance

All Blue Solutions exclusively provides IBM Software Asset Management expertise through four key areas. 

IBM Audit Expertise

 Are you ready for a audit?  Has IBM notified you of a audit?  Have you just settled an audit?  With former IBM auditors our team has first-hand knowledge navigating through complex strategies across all verticals, for small to large companies.

Contract Consulting

 We are Passport Advantage (PPA) and contract experts! We ensure that you meet all of your obligations and guarantee that you receive the highest value from your software.  



 Licensing Optimization 

  We aid in identifying cost saving opportunities as well as cut out redundant solutions and unnecessary licensing.  IBM has thousands of software products.  We will assist with product evolution, metric conversions, mapping, and naming conversion. 

ILMT (IBM Mandated Monitoring Tool).

 Our technical staff will implement and manage ILMT to ensure you are always compliant and our former IBM Auditor will:

-Review deployment of ILMT Tool.

-Reconcile your software usage.

-Help maintain your ongoing licensing requirements.

These services are uniquely available as an end to end software license management process or customizable to the needs of your business.  



IBM Security Solutions

Business Analytics

All Blue provides complete IBM Business Analytics and IBM Marketing solutions as either a service with a monthly cost or implemented on your own infrastructure. 

We can assist you in providing the complete solutions or on individual parts the project and training.

IBM Security Solutions

All Blue offers end-to-end IBM Security Solutions from software to technical skills. Between our Certified Information Security Auditor's, Project Management Professional's, and systems and security experts your environment is in good hands.

We leverage InfoSphere Guardium, QRadar, and Optim solutions to ensure your environment is secure.


Application Development

All Blue Solutions’ technical team can aptly manage your application development needs. We support many legacy systems and can work with WebSphere Commerce, Java, C++, 4GL, EGL, ASP, .net, Web 2.0, Cobol, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and other scripting languages.

B2B and B2C Solutions

All Blue Solutions provides complete B2B and B2C solutions on the IBM stack. We take care of end to end delivery of your B2B and B2C needs. 

Our in house developers and engineers leverage WebSphere Commerce, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere DataPower, and WebSphere Message Broker


Business Analytics

Reporting and Dashboards

All Blue provides complete IBM solutions for reporting and dash boarding for financials, risk management, performance management, budgeting, marketing, and social networking with Cognos BI, SPSS, Algorithmics, and Open Pages.

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    Enterprise Dashboards

    Cognos 10 provides easy personalize dashboards to all indvidualized decision-making styles. Allow instant analysis of past, present, and future view of business.

    Dashboards can be deployed using trusted or enterprise data or users can create local dashboards quickly off their own data.

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    Self Service BI

    Remove IT from creating your reports and all business users to create on demand reports.

    All for social collaboration based on reporting data and easy multi-platform and mobile access to data.

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    Mobile BI

    Leverage your BI reports for Apple, Blackberry and Android and integrated into enterprise authentication.

    You can make and consume reports on phones, tablets, and notebooks.

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    Cognos Express

    Cognos express offers attractive pricing and feature sets with simplified deployment when there are under 100 users.

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    Performance Management

    Identify performance problems early and perform "what-if" budgeting and situations to assess alternatives.

    Eliminate strict budgeting and adopt continuous planning methodology.

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    Risk Management

    Improve decision making and return on capital by making risk-informed decisions and stream line the risk process.

    Combine it with the risk management with IBM's Algorithmics and OpenPages to help you be ahead of the risk curve.

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Reporting and Analytics as a Service

All Blue’s reporting and analytics as a service comes with a fixed monthly price, no upfront costs and clear deliverables. This minimizes project risk for your company and allows a quicker turn around using our enterprise cloud infrastructure. If you ever want to move to your own management we can transfer the VM images over to you.

  • Leverage IBM's analytics stack with nominal IT involvement
  • No infrastructure to purchase 
  • Fixed monthly price
  • Bank level security
  • You can create your own reports or be assisted as needed


Social Media Analytics

Understanding your company’s reputation, opinions, and trends are critical to improving customer satisfaction. For simple social networking mining we offer low cost solutions which integrate into our IBM analytics portfolio. 

IBM's Social media analytics is a powerful tool for uncovering customer sentiment dispersed across countless online sources.


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IBM Security Solutions

Security as a Service

All Blue’s Security as a Service administers a complete compliance solution at a fixed monthly price, no up-front fees, no implementation costs and bi-quarterly security reviews with Certified Information System Auditors (CISA). To secure your infrastructure we implement database auditing for all major database systems with InfoSphere Guardium, and infrastructure security and event management with IBM Security QRadar.

IT System Security Audit

All Blue offers end-to-end IBM Security Solutions from software to technical skills. Between our Certified Information Security Auditor's, Project Management Professional's, and systems and security experts your environment is in good hands.

We leverage InfoSphere Guardium, QRadar, and Optim solutions to ensure your environment is secure.

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Database Auditing

InfoSphere Guardium is the industry leading cross DBMS auditing software which allows you to track all database access, identify end users in application such a PeopleSoft, Siebel, and Business Objects, and create attestation workflow to ensure compliance with mandatory industry regulations. This is all done through a tracking agent which uses only a few percentage of CPU.

Test Data Management

Optim test data management ensures data doesn't leak through development environments. It provides realistic, referential integrity preserved data while masking your client's data.

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Application Development

WebSphere and Java Applications

We provide hourly and project-based WebSphere and Java application development.

Legacy Application Maintenance

Many companies are having a hard time finding skilled staff to support their legacy 4GL applications. We specialize in supporting Informix 4GL application allowing you to maintain and extend leveraging your 4GL your investment. Depending upon your requirements we offer hourly, project, or monthly support projects.

General Application Development

In addition to Java and 4GL development provide development services for: WebSphere Commerce, C++, EGL, ASP, .net, Web 2.0, Cobol, Ruby on Rails & PHP.

B2B and B2C Solutions

WebSphere Commerce

All Blue administers complete e-commerce solutions which integrate into your existing infrastructure. By leveraging WebSphere commerce customers can have enterprise e-commerce solutions deployed in very short time. Leveraging the enterprise WebSphere Commerce platform provides:

Starter Stores

A complete start store to get you environment up in no time. With easy to implement hooks into our existing infrastructure.

B2B e-Commerce

Seamless and simplified business interactions with customers, partners, and distributors with B2B e-Commerce from WebSphere Commerce. This delivers a pleasant and effective cross-channel buying experience across all of your sales channels.

Marketing & Merchandising

Management Center for IBM WebSphere Commerce allows business users to centrally control and manage all catalog content, targeted marketing and promotions across web, mobile, contact center, kiosk and point-of-sale touch points.

Custom B2B and B2C Solutions

Custom B2B and B2C solutions based on a wide variety of software can be quite challenging, especially when it is new to the team; rely on All Blue’s expertise to get your project off the ground. We leverage the following integration software for B2B and B2C solutions:

  • WebSphere Transformation Extender
  • Sterling Commerce
  • WebSphere Commerce
  • Unica